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Booking a Private Event

Looking to hold a private event in our space for a large party?   Our space can host up to 100 people inside, of which up to 30 can fit in our secluded Classroom for a smaller private party, and an additional 50 people can fit on our patio space. Whether its for work or for pleasure, we accept reservations for private parties at least 4 weeks in advance.  Some types of events may require more advance notice, depending on what you have in mind.  Under normal conditions, we can host up to 100 people inside, and an additional 50 people on our patio space.

Please Note: Dane County COVID restrictions may impact allowable group sizes in either our classroom, the dining area, or the patio. Masks and social distancing would be required/enforced as dictated by Dane County as well. Let us know what kind of event you have in mind, and we can work something out with you.

Discussions on deposit can begin once we get a better sense of what you have in mind.  For all inquiries, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

**Minimum party sizes are required for private parties, based on what part of our venue you wish to reserve from the public.

**Some days and times are not available for private parties.